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Cycling Greece & Turkey: Rhodos & Fethiye
7 or 15 Days | Hotel | Self Guided | Roundtrip

Cycling Greece & Turkey: Rhodes & Fethiye

Immerse yourself in the history and idyllic landscapes of Rhodes, the largest island in the Dodecanese, where ancient ruins intermingle with atmospheric towns and the clear blue waters will entice you as you cycle the coastline. On this carefully planned section of the cycle, all the important cultural and historical highlights of the island are included to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

After a night spent in the old town of Rhodes your tour ens (7 days tour), or a 2 hour ferry takes you to Turkey's Lycian coast and the charming town of Fethiye for the 15 days tour. Here you can appreciate the legacies of the Lycians who 2000 years ago settled between Fethiye and Antalya. Time out in the coastal towns of Kas and Adrasan to relax at the beach and absorb this unique pocket of the coast ensures a perfect balance between activity, sightseeing and resting.


Tourprogram on Rhodes:

Day 1 Arrival on Rhodos in Hotel Vouras in Kalavarda (transfer from Rhodes Airport is included).
Day 2 Roundtour to the Butterfly Valley Petaloudes (36 or 66 km)
Day 2 The butterfly seasonis from end of june to the middle of september.

Day 3 Stage to Embonas (winery's), thorugh Salakos (24 km) or through Kritinia (33 km).
Day 4 Stage to Archangelos, through Eleousa and the Seven Spring (44 km)
Day 5 Loop cycle to the city of Lindos, with its white houses, castle and ancient temple (40 km)
Day 5 On your way back you can visit the Beach of Charaki and/or the remote chapel of Kamiri.

Day 6 Stage to Rhodes Town with its medieval ancient town (38 to 60 km).
Day 6 The program offers you a 6 km walk through all the highlights and some secret beauty spots.

Day 7 End of Tour or Ferry to Turkey


Tourprogram in Turkey:

Day 8 Sightseeing Fethiye or loop cycle around Fethiye (24 or 41 km)
Day 9 Transfer to Zorlar and stage to Patara via the Gorge of Saklikent (60 km)
Day 10 After visiting the ancient Lycian site of Patara you cycle along the coast to Kas (45 km)
Day 11 Rest day in Kas. You can visit Lycean Tombs.
Day 12 A short transfer brings you up to 500 m high. Through a agricultaral valley and the ancient
Day 12 city of Myra you continue to Fineke (66 km)
Day 13 After 25 km flat cycling you climb over a 380 m high hill to Çavusköy and Adrasan (45 km)
Day 14 Rest day in Andrasan.
Day 15 Departure (transfer to Antalya Airport is included)

Due to corona the ferries between Rhodes (Greece) and Fethiye (Turkey) are suspended.
As soon as the ferries are sailing again, we will start with the bookings for the 15-days tour.
Rhodes 7 Days

Dates 2023
Daily from 19th of April untill 17th of October.

Rates 2023 without flights
€ 1120 to € 1190 p.p double room
€ 1280 TO € 1350 single room
€ 300 supplement solo traveler
Bike rental included (Trekking)
€ 60 Supplement E-bike.

Airporttransfers on Rhodes
6x Nights
Rooms with shower + toilet,
6x Breakfast, 1x Diner
Tourdesciptions, GPS-tracks

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Rhodes + Turkey 15 Days

Dates 2023 Daily from 15th of April untill 15th of October.

Rates 2023 twithout flights
€ 1790 to € 1890 p.p double room
€ 2040 to € 2140 p.p. single room
€ 290 supplement solo traveler
Bike rental included (Trekking)
€ 100 Supplement E-bike.

Airporttransfers Greece+Turkey
14x Nights
Rooms with shower + toilet,
14x Breakfast, 1x Diner
Ferry Rhodes to Fethiye

Tourdesciptions, GPS-tracks

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These data are provisional. Rates, dates and conditions on the internetsite of the touroperator are binding.

Hotel Ataviros Embonas
Moni Kamari Rhodos
Bay on the Turkish southcoast
Kalavarda Beach Rhodes
Geitenboer in Turkije Minaretten
Signpost on Rhodes
Peacock at Filerimoshill Rhodes eucalyptus
Kalithea Beach Rhodes